About me

I’m a 26 years old web and graphic freelance designer. I love design and technology since I’m a teenager. I started making my first web page when I was 14 and I still love doing it now. I borned in Belgium in 1988 and I studied graphic design at the High School Albert Jacquard. In 2013 I decided I needed change so I moved to Lima capital of Peru where I’m living now. I learned spanish and a lot about south america’s culture. I also speak english and french.

I know as well about design than about coding. I use softwares like the well known Photoshop and Illustrator for the design part and to build the web page I write my own codes with a mix of HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and PHP in association with the powerful tool that is WordPress.

You can see some of my last works in the three sections of this site: web, logo and graphism. Feel free to contact me at jadot.xavier@gmail.com or with form on the contact page.

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